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Boss Uncaged
BOSS Uncaged is a Weekly podcast that releases the origin stories of Business owners as they BECOME UNCAGED TRAILBLAZERS, UNCONVENTIONAL THINKERS, UNTETHERED TRENDSETTER, and UNSTOPPABLE TYCOONS. We always hear about the overnight success stories that take 20 years to become a reality. Our host S. A. Grant constructs narrative accounts through the voices and the stories behind Uncaged Bosses.  In each episode, Guests come from a wide range of backgrounds and share diverse business insights. Learn how to release your primal success through the words of wisdom from inspirational entrepreneurs and industry experts. As they depict who they are, how they juggle their work-life with family life, their successful habits, business expertise, tools, and tips of their trade.
CEO Of Uplevel Media, LLC: Karen Yankovich AKA The Linkedin Boss - S2E11 (#39)
March 4, 2021 • 35 MIN
“Remember all of the experience you have. There are lots of incredible things that you may have done that are incredible. That’s experience. LinkedIn doesn’t say list your jobs; it says list experience. So pull from all the things you’ve done. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you did, it’s experience. So know that you’re stepping into the workforce, or the world, or the new entrepreneurial world, with experience. So pull from that and shine a light on all of that.” In Season 2, Episode 11 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant opens up the month of March by talking to LinkedIn Boss Karen Yankovich. Karen and her team help individuals and business owners build strategic and profitable relationships using LinkedIn.
Host Of Boss Uncaged: S. A. Grant With Co-Host Alex Grant. 1 Year Anniversary - S2E10 (#38)
March 2, 2021 • 33 MIN
In this Season 2 Bonus Episode, S.A. and Alex chat about the success of Real Estate month and about the worldwind first year of the Boss Uncaged Podcast. Covering all the high’s and learning experiences of first year podcasters and what’s next. Check out this quick bonus episode covering: Important points captured from Real Estate month The Club Connect Directory The App Directory S.A. Grant speaks at Podfest 2021 And so much more!
Founder Of Barrington Commercial Capital: Ray Johnson AKA The Capital Boss - S2E9 (#37)
February 23, 2021 • 68 MIN
“Explore, Read, and Commit yourself to action. Exploring allows you to find out what the world can offer you. That’s what it does. And, you know, despite what’s going on in terms of politics and what have you, it’s a big world out there with a lot of different ways that people can make money.” In Season 2, Episode 9 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant closes his real estate month with an information-filled interview. Ray Johnson is the Founder of Barrington Commercial Capital which provides alternative structured finance solutions tailored for business owners. Each episode of Real Estate month has focused on the property, but in this episode, they discuss ways to get financing for the purchase. With an education in Finance and Accounting, Ray began his career in the world of corporate America. Frustrated by his day-to-day job and armed with a wealth of experience, Ray decided to step out on his own and start a company that focused on providing financing options for business owners that were not receiving funding from the traditional banks.
Founder Of Cash Geeks: Dominick Felix AKA Dom-A-Flex - S2E8 (#36)
February 16, 2021 • 41 MIN
In Season 2, Episode 8 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant gives us another dynamic interview for his Real Estate Month. This week he is interviewing Dominick Felix - Founder of Cash Geeks. Cash Geeks is a Real Estate wholesaling company specializing in buying and selling homes through simple cash offers. Through this episode, learn how this highly-motivated individual started a lawn service company, with a focus on maintaining bank foreclosure properties, pivoted into a multi-million dollar real estate wholesale company. “It’s funny because I kind of just wanted to replace my income. And I realized once I started building a simple loan company, you just start realizing what you’re truly capable of. You just gotta keep your eyes open and try new things and continue to try to build. I remember one of my first feelings of accomplishment. It’s a very small thing, but it really influenced me a lot.”
Founder Of The Journey To Success In Real Estate: Leonard Nesmith AKA Lenny The Boss - S2E7 (#35)
February 9, 2021 • 58 MIN
“The first thing I always like to say is, what are your goals? Because, you know, I want to ensure that I'm a good match for you if you’re working with me. Then the second thing, too, is if you’re not, I just want you to have a vision of what you want your life to look like. So that the best thing that I can do is tell a person to pick up a book that's got to do with real estate.” In Season 2, Episode 7 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant continues his Real Estate Month by interviewing Leonard Nesmith, a.k.a. “Lenny The Boss” - Founder of The Journey To Success In Real Estate. Leonard is a Real Estate Investor with a true passion for helping beginner Real Investors understand and perfect their craft.
Realtor At Keller Williams Realty: Jessica Arledge - S2E6 (#34)
February 2, 2021 • 48 MIN
“Just put your head down and keep trying to not be afraid to ask questions and learn from those who went first. I mean, so much of my business was honestly built on mirroring and pestering other people that I saw were successful. When I had questions, I picked about five real estate agents that I knew were doing a good job and smart and really driving their business and would just kind of rotate through who I call with questions. It’s kind of like the whole learned to crawl before you can walk. I needed to learn what other people were doing before I felt comfortable saying this is what I’m going to do differently.” - Jessica Arledge In Season 2, Episode 6 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant kicks off his Real Estate Month by interviewing Jessica Arledge of The Arledge Team at Keller Williams. Through this interview, S.A. uncovers how a wife/mom with a Master’s degree in Creative Writing, a background in Marketing, and experience in real estate education, became an award-winning real estate agent.
Founder Of Trendset Clothing: Jordan Dunham AKA The Trendset Boss - S2E5 (#33)
January 31, 2021 • 51 MIN
In Season 2 episode 5 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant switches up the format. He gives his listeners a behind-the-scenes look at a 1-on-1 growth strategy coaching call with the Founder of Trendset Clothing, Jordan Dunham. Jordan is not new to entrepreneurship. He previously ran a highly successful event promotions business. Shortly after receiving his MBA from Howard University, he saw a need in the market for a fashion line that not only kept up with emerging trends but served a broader size market.
YouTube Google-Certified Consultant, Digital Marketing Expert, Director & Producer: Vianney Méndez AKA The YouTube Boss - S2E4 (#32)
January 26, 2021 • 53 MIN
Based in the Dominican Republic, Vianney has earned great success as an Editor on a children’s joke-telling channel titled Baby Jesus. In less than three years, his Spanish-speaking channel has amassed over 2.76 million subscribers, with roughly 900k of the subscribers based locally in the Dominican Republic. With a population of only 11 million people, his channel has captured the attention of almost 10% of the population. Now, that’s a BOSS Marketer! Powerful topics covered in this episode: The power of YouTube for Entrepreneurs What is a Certified Google Expert? How nothing good can came from negative emotions If someone gives you a way to connect, make sure you make the call “The best time to start on YouTube is now!” Viann M. - YouTube Google-Certified Consultant, Digital Marketing Expert, Director & Producer.
Founder Of SEO National: Damon Burton AKA The SEO Beast Master - S2E3 (#31)
January 19, 2021 • 58 MIN
“The first thing is, just start. So many people overthink everything. And then what happens is when you start, all that goes out the window anyway. So why don’t you just start? Like you can make the most perfect business plan. Doesn’t mean anything unless you actually start. So just start. And then equally important is not to stop because you’re going to run into some hurdles. It may take 10 years to hit a grand slam, but it doesn’t take 10 years to hit a home run. You can get to a sweet spot in less than 10 years. But if you’re willing to put in 10 years, you can really accomplish just about anything. So just be comfortable figuring it out as you go, and honestly, don’t listen to other people’s advice, including my own.” In episode 3 of season 2, S.A. Grant interviews SEO Beast Master Damon Burton. On the surface, overnight success stories don’t always occur overnight. Damon’s 14-year journey towards success spans both ends of the success to failure spectrum.
Founder Of Kindle Cash Flow: Ty Cohen AKA The Kindle King - S2E2 (#30)
January 12, 2021 • 72 MIN
“I think the first thing is to, as I said before, work on your self-discipline, do something in your business every single day, do something in your craft every day. I used to get crazy looks from family members. I would be on vacation and I got my laptop. I'm on a beach and I'm opening it up and I'm doing something for 15, 20 minutes. ‘Ty, you’re on vacation, you’re not supposed to be working?’ No, I'm going to be working because I want to be able to take a vacation any time I want to.” In the first official guest interview of Season 2, S.A. Grant interviews Kindle Publishing Legend, Ty Cohen. In this episode, they discuss how a kid who was told he would only live to age 17 became a multi-million dollar Leadership Coach and Kindle Publishing Boss. The power of perseverance and determination can be heard throughout this dynamic interview.
Host Of Boss Uncaged: S. A. Grant With Co-Host Alex Grant. Season Opener - S2E1 (#29)
January 5, 2021 • 34 MIN
“...take this podcast as a tool. It's an opportunity to hear from other people that are in multiple different industries that are all on like journeys. And everybody's journey is similar in the sense that they started here and their goal is to get here. If they want to become a millionaire, if they want to have a successful business, if they want to have an enterprise, whatever it is, they have to start somewhere and they have to climb to this level.” In the words of S.A. Grant, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Season 2 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast! In season 2, episode 1, S.A. returns with his partner-in-crime Alex Grant for a dynamic season 2 opener. Giving more insight to the nuggets dropped in the season 1 finale, these two discuss the excitement of their upcoming season 2.
S1E28 - Host Of Boss Uncaged: S. A. Grant With Co-Host Alex G. - Season Finale - S1E28
December 30, 2020 • 44 MIN
In Episode 28 - Boss Uncaged Season Finale, S.A. Grant discusses the culmination of his first season of the Boss Uncaged Podcast. Interviewed by Alex Grant, S.A. reflects on how a brief recommendation to "just start a podcast" resulted in his new passion for storytelling. Throughout 26 interviews, S.A. chronicles the lives and business breakthroughs of entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life. "... I'm fifty percent creative and fifty percent analytical, so in my research of these questions that I'm asking everybody on the show, I've done the research to figure out what questions are going to spark an emotional response based upon who I'm interviewing. Then that question opens up Pandora's box. I know everybody's answer is going to be uniquely different, but as they're answering these questions, just based upon the structure of the questions, that's going to lead into a scenario to where it's going to go into faith, it's going to go into, well, I'm doing this because naysayers or somebody didn't believe in me or I hit these particular hurdles. And that's why the questions are staged as they are..." - S. A. Grant
S1E27 - Leadership Consultant: Wanda Y. Dunham AKA The Chief - S1E27
December 22, 2020 • 63 MIN
Do your research. Yeah, you need to research the business that you're going into. Sometimes you jump too fast and you don't know the business and that's when you get frustrated. And so you need to do your research. And the tools are out here now. I mean, when I had my business, it was even less. But just when I was coming up, we didn't have the Internet and all of these tools available. So utilize these tools.
S1E26 - Neil Patel Digital Investor: Andrew J. Miner - S1E26
December 15, 2020 • 41 MIN
"Think in terms of humans first. Versus technology first, the technology will always change, but what won't change are basic human behavior and human psychology principles. So if you can start there, start with why people make decisions." - Andrew J. Miner
S1E25 - President Of Worthmore Jewelers: Harris Botnick - S1E25
December 8, 2020 • 64 MIN
If anyway you can figure it out, don't take a bank loan, to do what you want to do. Because then you're working for the bank and that's very stressful, especially if you're living to a time like this where all your best plans in the world might have changed. There's individuals out there who, if your idea is good enough, they're going to believe in you and they will want to invest in your idea. It might take a lot of doors to knock on to find those right people. That's the right deal. - Harris Botnick
S1E24 - Founder and Managing Director at Atlanta Hospitality Collective: Dona Mattews AKA The Queen Of The Night - S1E24
December 1, 2020 • 70 MIN
Don't let these naysayers tell you that's an oversaturated market for you to open up yet another cigar lounge or that this is why I don't support black businesses or we need to do better or this is why I don't vote or this is why I just don't take no for an answer. Don't get stopped. Don't let anybody else determine or put opinions in your head that take over what you feel in your heart. That is a huge personal message of mine that I think I'll always be sort of grappling with for the rest of my life. - Dona Mathews
S1E23 - Financial Advisor at Edward Jones: Tondeleo Day AKA The Pharaoh of Wealth - S1E23
November 24, 2020 • 60 MIN
"For me, it was the best career move I've ever made. It changed my life in a substantial way. I mean, the quality of living for my family, my immediate family, and then now I can see for the legacy that is going to leave behind this change dramatically. So what I would say is, if you're interested in it, pursue it, step out on faith, which is what I did at the time. I stepped out on faith and said, look, I'm going to do this because." - Tondeleo Day @ejadvisortondeleoday
S1E22 - Chef - Owner at Leaf and Loaf and Fun with Food: Sue Coraggio Snape AKA The Medical Chef - S1E22
November 17, 2020 • 48 MIN
Don't be afraid to fail because you're going to fail a million times and fail could just mean you're going to find you don't like it. So just be willing to experiment all kinds of things, different environments, different people. And you want to work by yourself or with other people. One of the things about having a food truck is the hours of having the food truck would have been Friday, Saturday, Sunday, which were the opposite hours that I wanted to be working on my business. So those are definitely the most important things, I think. Right. Don't be afraid to succeed either, because I know plenty of people that are afraid to succeed. - Sue Coraggio Snape
S1E21 - The Founder Of The Ultimate Knife: Ladislao Mandiola AKA Lad - S1E21
November 10, 2020 • 76 MIN
Things don't just happen by chance, they just don't. And if you guys think it does, it doesn't. It comes again in the mind. And when you put it out there and you live by faith. Having that faith as small as a mustard seed as I know, we've heard that so many times, that's the thing. I mean, even Jesus says, you know, he talked about this so many times about belief for anybody that puts their heart out, their God will reward a man according to what his deeds go after, according to his deeds deserve. But you have to do it through faith. The mindset of just knowing, you know what, I'm shaking in my boots, but I'm just going to take this leap, I'm just going to do it. That's the point. That's the crossroads life is doing. When I went to that event, a time I even shared that, I really mean it was hard for me to be safe and be who was on a cover and say, you know, in the section, start a road and these intersections happen. You have it was hard to watch.
S1E20 - Regional Vice President - Primerica: Tammy Lewis AKA Sister Tammy - S1E20
November 3, 2020 • 54 MIN
Always stay humble and don't let anybody knock you from your dreams because everybody has like that, the butterflies in their belly and they are. But they just know that I'm not supposed to be here or I need to be at another level. So number one listened to that. But don't let anybody stop you from your dreams. And I think the other thing I would always tell people is find a mentor, the find a mentor where you want what they have - Tammy Lewis
S1E19 - CEO & Founder - Hellowoofy & emojidata: Arjun Rai - S1E19
October 27, 2020 • 55 MIN
"Have a huge appetite for success. Be hungry because if you get content very easily, you want to push yourself to the limits and even go beyond the limits and actually see how far you can go, because then you know how far you can go truly. Surround yourself with people who have scars, not physically, but we can show for themselves that they understand what it's like to be in the trenches. I find it hilarious when we're talking to investment firms and the associate or the partner or the analyst has never built a company in their life. That conversation ends immediately. And I tell them to their face, quit your job and go build a company and don't talk to a founder that's building a company until you've done exactly that. Found a company." - Arjun Rai 👉 Smart Marketing for Underdogs aka SMBs, Grew 20,400% in 2020 🐶 (now works with Hootsuite🦉) 📝Autocomplete API 👉
S1E18 - Podcast Producer: Emmanuel Kolawole Olugbenga aka "Emmy" - S1E18
October 13, 2020 • 31 MIN
"When you have a sense of empathy, that is you putting yourself in the position of the clients. So if you put yourself in the position of clients, it's to enable you to understand the clients more so to be able to relate well with you. And it will help the relationship between both yourself and the clients." - Emmy: Professional Audio Engineer Giving Quality Over Everything Else Take a look at Emmy's Fiverr Gig!:
S1E17 - Founder Of The Azon Profit System: Greg Cesar aka "The Creative Marketer" - S1E17
September 29, 2020 • 77 MIN
So I may do a coaching call with someone, or maybe it's reaching out to a customer because I like to call my customers and say hello every once in a while. So I'll reach out and do that kind of stuff. Then I might go into looking at doing some research. I love researching things to see if I can find some ideas. And the other thing that does that, that I'm consistent on Fridays, every Friday I go to Starbucks every single Friday. And then what I do there, I call it Creative Fridays, and all I do is I'll map something out. I will write a sales letter; I will study a course that I just purchased. That's all I do at Starbucks is no other work but creative stuff. And every single Friday for the last two years, I've done that. And I can't tell you something. That's the most powerful thing than that. I'm not actually thinking of doing creative Wednesdays and Fridays has been so good.
S1E16 - Founder Of The Genius Group, Fashion Designer & Professional Model: C Milano Harden aka "The Fashion Genius Boss" - S1E16
September 15, 2020 • 46 MIN
I just think that in the end, there's a lot of people who are smart, but there aren't always a lot of people who move you spiritually. And like my grandmother, my great grandmother, Virginia Brewer, I don't even know how far her education, but she had lived her life in a way, and she had become the embodiment of love. That she impacted so many people, so I think if you can tune in to love. You will love yourself, which means that you will embrace all the gifts and the legacies and the graces that you've been given, and you'll put them to work. If you love people, you will bring those gifts to people in a way that they can recognize it as good and they can feel like they were empowered and benefited by the excellence and the care. So I just think love it's not maybe what you would expect an intellectual person to say. I just think in the end, you don't remember people who were just smart. You remember people who moved you. - C Milano Harden
S1E15 - Host Of Boss Uncaged: S. A. Grant With Co-Host Alex G. - S1E15
September 2, 2020 • 51 MIN
I'm working on courses now, so course development, working on online membership portals, just to get people to get more insight, more information over a period of time for me it is only the right progression in the right direction. So having the right team in place obviously has allowed my podcast editors right! I still have my design and just let my web developers, I still have my app developers. I still have a variety of different people. The goal is now, obviously, I'm going to maintain my clients and I'm going to keep growing my clients and then I'm going to start building and building and building Boss Caged to where that's going to be probably my main focus moving forward - S. A. Grant I mean, that was one of my final questions, like what's next for S. A. Grant? So, you know, the course development and then the books and in the podcast and, you know, see where it kind of goes from there. Alex G. So next for me, it's just looking at this space. And, you know, we're talking about business strategies. We're talking about monetization of wealth. The only really way to do that is you have to have things in place that are. Not replaceable, but replenishable. - S. A. Grant
S1E14 - Founder of Clique box & Professional Photographer: Paul D McPherson Jr aka "Biggie Pauls" - S1E14
August 18, 2020 • 45 MIN
And basically, you got to know what it is that you want, but after that, whatever money and budget that you have. Buy, the equipment that you can buy, rock it out on that equipment upgrade. Rinse and repeat! In this particular industry. Because, you know, you're always going to feel slightly inferior with your equipment, like, oh, I don't have the Sony A4, I only have the Canon 70D or whatever, you know, and then I probably set the Sony name wrong because I'm not a Sony guy. But Noah, it is. So I'm learning. - Paul D McPherson Welcome welcome back to the Boss Uncaged Podcast. On today's show, we have Paul D. McPherson Jr., the Founder of Clique box & Professional Photographer better known as "Biggie Smalls". Today, we discuss business scaling opportunities and uncovering hidden growth strategies. Let's jump right in.
S1E13 - Director of Innovation: Mark Gerl aka "The Waz Of Fulton County" - S1E13
August 11, 2020 • 69 MIN
" The best advice to entrepreneurs, kids any of that stuff. Simon Sinek, Start With Why. One of the best books I've ever read just about life in general. It really is more of a business manual. But he starts with most people talk about what they do, how they do it, and then eventually get to why they do it. But the people who really change the world. His example on YouTube, TED Talk. He talks about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Apple Computers, and the Wright brothers. And the Wright brothers weren't the only people working on airplanes at the time. About four, five, or six other groups, all of which were better funded, had better talent, even had more prospects as far as what to do once you got this thing off the ground. But the Wright brothers were just mad dog passionate about this concept... " - Mark Gerl Welcome to Boss Uncaged Podcast. On today's show, we have Mark Gerl, a Director Of Innovation, but I prefer to call him the Waz of Fulton County. Today, we discuss project based learning and pushing the limits of the education system to supporting the future entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Let's jump right into the show. Welcome The Waz of Fulton County Mark Gerl.
S1E12 - Owner At REINE And REAL LLC: Romain Konou - S1E12
July 22, 2020 • 44 MIN
"You have to have a patient, no matter how any business, if you don't have all the clues, you had to have a patient and listen to how tastes good, because sometimes people just rush in for the numbers. If you just rush in for the numbers, you're not going to get it yet; you're going to screw. We're talking about whole carpet removal. It probably can come to you for simple stuff. He can just put his thinking in snake your pipe for you. He could come and tell you you need to remove the whole house pipe. Information. Information is key. Information! Information is the key because of some. There are a lot of contractors out there. They want to milk you to make their money. Well, he's a wait to see. No, I don't want to, it that way. Do you want to do this with me? I'm okay with it because that knowledge is the key. When it comes to business." - Romain Konou Welcome to Boss Uncage podcast. On today's show, we have Romain Konou Romain as optometrist's turned owner of REINE & REAL LLC, a real estate property preservation agency. Today, we dive into several entrepreneurial topics. A solid take away from today's show is transitioning from international business to national business. The advantages of learning abroad and understanding that information is king when it comes to business success. No more spoilers. Let's jump right into today's show. Welcome to the show Romain.
S1E11 - Producer & Rapper: Shane Hoyte aka "Shane Sharp" - S1E11
July 7, 2020 • 30 MIN
"Don't get caught behind the camera and be a camera operator for 20/30 years. It's nothing wrong with that if you were an expert cinematographer? Nothing wrong with that. They're people who dream of being a cinematographer, a great dream. But if you want to be a creator. Understand that, that camera is a tool to tell a story. And if you're not telling your own, you're telling somebody else's. It's great to get paid for it. But if it don't feed your soul. Go, with what feeds your soul." - Shane Hoyte Welcome, welcome back to the show. Boss Uncaged Podcast. On today's show, we have Shane Hoyte, a.k.a. Shane Sharp, to take you back to Brooklyn, better known as Biscuit. He's probably going to kill me for that one. Right. Shane is the video producer and a rapper based out of Hollywood. Today show we discussed juggling his journey from being a video producer to a rapper without any other spoilers. The jump right into the show in memory of the Black Biscuit, a.k.a. Shane Sharp. @shanexsharp SHANEXSHARP on Youtube
S1E10 - Creative Producer and Owner at RedHawt Creative: Heather Dellapi aka "The Free Spirited Boss" - S1E10
June 23, 2020 • 32 MIN
"Big giant mistakes like that's part of the deal is you make stupid mistakes. You can really jack up your life. You can jack up your career. But if you are humble and are willing to serve, serve God serve people. Then you will rise to the top." - Heather Dellapi Welcome to Boss Uncaged Podcast. On today's show, we have Heather Dellapi aka the Free Spirited Boss Heather is an event producer and owner at Red Hot creative. Today we discuss her journey to success, overcoming life hurdles, and her optimistic views. No more spoilers. Let's jump right into the show the free spirited boss Heather Dellapi.
S1E9 - Independent Candidate 2020 U.S. Senate Special Election in Georgia: Al Bartell aka "The Dark Horse" - S1E9
June 9, 2020 • 56 MIN
"Now we're in what's called the Communications Age, where we live work and play by relationship to communication. Communication has now become a commodity in the deep south. We didn't have the large industries of smokestack industries with thousands of people and thousands of employees. We didn't have that in the south, nor do we have the 100 story buildings with mainframe computers on every floor. We did not have that in the south. So we were snatched out of the Agricultural Age and slammed into the Communications Age." - Al Bartell, Candidate 2020 U.S. Senate Welcome back to BOSS Uncaged Podcast. On today's show, we have Al Bartell. Al is running for Georgia US Senate. Al has over 30 years of political experience alongside being an entrepreneur and being a small business owner. On today's show, we dive into discussions about the Current civil unrest, the global pandemic and the growth strategy to recover coming out of such devastating circumstances. Without further ado, Al Bartell! 404.913.9416
S1E8 - Arctic Explorer, Pilot, Survivor, Inventor, Soldier, Gambler, Teacher Author, Artists, Musician, Entrepreneur, And Lover: Wayne D. Evans aka "Sir. Evans" - S1E8
May 27, 2020 • 65 MIN
"If you work at it, you will find out the two things will happen. You'll either achieve that goal and that dream, ultimately, or you won't know. You say, Well, that's pretty stupid. Well, what I'm coming down to is so what?" - W D Evans (Author) The Man With More Lives Than a Cat Welcome back to Boss Uncaged podcast. Today's show is a special episode I had an opportunity to interview WD Evans, you'll learn that I call him sir Evans. But this guy, I don't even know where to begin to explain who he is and what he has accomplished in his life, but he's 84 years old. His tagline is, the man would more lives than a cat. His business card instead of just being a CEO or founder on the says Arctic Explorer, pilot, survivor, inventor, soldier, gambler teacher Author, artists, musician, entrepreneur, and lover. On this episode, he drops so many beautiful nuances to life that you could learn from not just from business not just on building companies not just falling patents, but he's 84 years old. And he's accomplished more in his lifetime than a dozen people combined in their lifetimes. Without any other spoilers. Sir Evans Boss uncaged is a biweekly podcast that releases the origin stories of business owners as they become uncage trailblazers, unconventional thinkers on tethered trendsetters and unstoppable tycoons. We always hear about overnight success stories, never knowing that it took 20 years to become a reality. Our host S. A. Grant conducts narrative accounts through the voices and stories behind unengaged bosses and each episode, guests from a wide range of backgrounds sharing diverse Business Insights, learn how to release your primal success through words of wisdom from inspirational entrepreneurs and industry experts as they depict whoThey are, how they juggle their work life with family life. Their successful habits, business expertise, tools and tips of their trade. Release the uncage boss beast in you.
S1E7 - United Moving Services Founders: Antonio Brown & Jehan Spann - S1E7
May 12, 2020 • 36 MIN
"Be a dream chaser. If you've got something that you honestly are passionate about, then go do it. Don't let family friends anybody, distract you from what it is that you want to achieve or even discourage you." - Jehan Spann Welcome to Boss Uncaged Podcast. Today's show we have Jehan & Antonio, the founders of United Moving Services. These guys found themselves in two different areas of expertise. Antonio essentially was a logistics manager and Jehan was an accountant for a law firm. You combined them together, they started United Moving Services, A Moving & Logistics Company. The big takeaway from today's show is follow your dreams, follow your passions and believe in yourself and a little correction. During the podcast you'll hear me mention 12 kids, correction 13 kids, I think the shot of the magnitude of the number of kids threw me off for a minute, so no more spoilers. Boss uncaged is a biweekly podcast that releases the origin stories of business owners as they become uncage trailblazers, unconventional thinkers on tethered trendsetters and unstoppable tycoons. We always hear about overnight success stories, never knowing that it took 20 years to become a reality. Our host S. A. Grant conducts narrative accounts through the voices and stories behind unengaged bosses and each episode, guests from a wide range of backgrounds sharing diverse Business Insights, learn how to release your primal success through words of wisdom from inspirational entrepreneurs and industry experts as they depict whoThey are, how they juggle their work life with family life. Their successful habits, business expertise, tools and tips of their trade. Release the uncage boss beast in you.
S1E6 - Bizography Inc. CEO: Trent Phillips aka "The Digital OG" - S1E6
April 28, 2020 • 28 MIN
"The cost of actually acquiring a customer is more than what you can actually charge that customer. Then you don't have a business." - Trent Phillips Welcome to Boss Uncage. On today's show, we have Trent Phillips, better known as the digital OG, Trent goes by many titles. He's Executive. He's a CEO. He's a Day Trader. He's also a business partner of a baseball Academy, one of the largest baseball academies in the southeast. But in today's show, we're going to talk about his digital agency A great takeaway from today's show is lead generating Trent dives into a mantra that he learned from his mentor, and he's passing it on to us as well too. And the reality is if you're not getting leads, then your business is dying. Boss uncaged is a biweekly podcast that releases the origin stories of business owners as they become uncage trailblazers, unconventional thinkers on tethered trendsetters and unstoppable tycoons. We always hear about overnight success stories, never knowing that it took 20 years to become a reality. Our host S. A. Grant conducts narrative accounts through the voices and stories behind unengaged bosses and each episode, guests from a wide range of backgrounds sharing diverse Business Insights, learn how to release your primal success through words of wisdom from inspirational entrepreneurs and industry experts as they depict whoThey are, how they juggle their work life with family life. Their successful habits, business expertise, tools and tips of their trade. Release the uncage boss beast in you.
S1E5 - Technology. Fitness. Culture. Design. Ninja: Richard Bakare aka "Richie Rich" - S1E5
April 14, 2020 • 30 MIN
“Stick to the tried and true old method K.I.S.S. Keep it simple and stupid.” - Richard Bakare Welcome to BOSS Uncaged Podcast on today's show we have Richard Bakare, better known as Richie Rich, Rich goes by many different titles. And if you were to follow him on social media, you would think he's just a world traveler, but in all reality, he's a technology consultant. He has been doing it for ten plus years, even though his original origin started as an English major. On today's show, one of the takeaways K.I.S.S. keep it simple, & stupid.  Richard Bakare
S1E4 - Kelly Stevens Voice. Founder: Kelly Stevens - S1E4
March 31, 2020 • 28 MIN
"It was going to the studio in Denver live. They were recording it there. I was at a parking lot in McDonald's in Dallas. That's how crazy the industry is." - Kelly Stevens Welcome to BOSS Uncaged Podcast. On today's show we have Kelly Stevens better known as Kelly Stevens. Kelly Stevens was a radio announcer for many years out of Atlanta, but now he's a voiceover artists. On today's show, Kelly gave us some great takeaways on how to maximize your education and utilize it to get what you want. Enough of the spoilers. Let's jump right into the show. P.S. Thank you to Kelly for creating the VO intros to both The BOSS Uncaged & BOSS Up Q&A Podcasts Kelly Stevens Twitter: skype:kstevens717?call
S1E3 - SeeBaby Founder: Dr Bootstaylor aka "Dr. B" - S1E3
March 17, 2020 • 65 MIN
"It's not to say that the customer's always right that not what is going on here. They want to be heard." - Dr Bootstaylor Welcome to BOSS Uncaged Podcast on today's show, we have none other than Dr. Bootstaylor, better known as Dr. B. Dr. B is the founder of SeeBaby a maternal practice out of Atlanta that specializes in birth options that supports pregnant women in the community by giving them choice shared decision making. But more importantly, from a client standpoint, clients don't want to be right. They want to be heard. No more spoilers. Let's jump right into the show. Without further ado, Dr. B.  About Brad S. Bootstaylor MD, FACOG SeeBaby Founder Brad S. Bootstaylor, MD, FACOG is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has been in private practice in Atlanta since 1996 and is a co-founder of Atlanta Perinatal Associates, departing this company in 2009. Dr. Bootstaylor received his medical degree in 1988 from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. He completed his Ob/Gyn residency at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Medical Center in New York City in 1992. He also completed his fellowship training in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrical Sonography in 1994 at the Univ. Of California at San Francisco Medical Center (also his hometown). Subsequently he spent 2 years as an Assistant Professor of Ob/Gyn at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Dr. Bootstaylor has published several articles on fetal physiology and obstetrical sonography. As an undergraduate he received the Jonas E. Salk Scholarship, and during his active duty for 4 years with U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets), he received the Army Commendation Medal. He is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and a member of the National Medical Association, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Dr. Bootstaylor and his wife Lisa (also a physician), live in midtown Atlanta, and immensely enjoy raising their 3 children. SeeBaby FaceBook:
S1E2 - Art Factory Play Cafe & Party Place Founder: Tal Soriano Thompson aka "Optimistic Team Member"
March 3, 2020 • 76 MIN
"Plan but not get caught up in the plan. That's a big and important thing to think about all the time is that remember to stay flexible and fluid as much as possible within your plan and find your why." -Tal Soriano Thompson Welcome to BOSS Uncaged Podcast on today's show, we have Tal Thompson, better known as the Optimistic Team Member. Tal goes by many different titles, and she's been everything from a Creative Director, a Graphic Designer, time and time again. But more importantly, She's the Founder of the Art Factory Cafe & Party Place in Richmond, Virginia. On today's show, Tal dives into what keeps her motivated, more importantly, her glass is always half full. She's always optimistic, and more than anything else, she's a team member and a team player, no more spoilers. Let's jump right into the show. The optimistic team player Tal Thompson. Art Factory - Body Art & Party Place @artfactorybodyart @artfactorytal 4810A Market Square Lane Midlothian, Virginia Call (804) 716-5220 Our Local RVA website including art classes and local events can be found at: Our Blog: Our Store:
S1E1 - Serebral360 Inc. Founder: Shannol Grant aka "S. A. Grant"
February 25, 2020 • 51 MIN
"Life is parallel to existence, but perpendicular to time. And what that really means is that life goes on forever. And there are intersections on the road and when these intersections happen, you have to pass the torch." -S. A. Grant Welcome to the BOSS Uncaged podcasts, the pilot episode on today's show, we have none other than myself, S. A. Grant; I go by many titles and many names. I'm a jack of all trades. But more importantly, I'm here to help you guys. So I look forward to hearing your feedback and kind of insight into what you guys need help with and what kind of people you want me to bring on the show. A useful takeaway from today's show is essentially I'm a systems guy. So we jumped into systems a bit in addition to that we just talked about you know how life those rocks at you and you got to figure out how to you know, take those rocks and build a foundation and grow from there and keep on scaling and keep on going north. So I decided to do the podcast in the format, the same format that I'm going to be interviewing my Guess. I decided to have someone interview me for the podcast. So on today's show, we have Alex. Alex is one of my best friends. She's my significant other. She's also a copywriter. By trade, she is a treasurer. She's also up and coming influencer as well too. So it's just a great mix. She pulls some things out of me that I probably didn't want to disclose right off the bat, but you know, you got to drop them when they're asked to you no hesitation, so without any other spoilers, let's jump right into the show.