Managing Partner Of Nathaniel Harding aka The MidCon Boss - S7E07 (#231)
Boss Uncaged
Managing Partner Of Nathaniel Harding aka The MidCon Boss - S7E07 (#231)
February 20, 2024
“Show that you can do repeat sales. It's one thing to land a customer one time, but show us that there's an increase in average contract value” In Season 7, Episode 7 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant sits down with the Managing Partner Of Nathaniel Harding
### Boss Uncaged Podcast Episode Summary:
In today’s transformative episode of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, host S. A. Grant is joined by the multifaceted Nathaniel Harding, a venture capitalist with a passion for fostering startup growth, and a background in oil and gas. Nathaniel shares invaluable insights into the startup ecosystem, discussing how critical introductions can be for fledgling companies aiming to clinch crucial meetings. He fondly recalls how his wife, Amanda, has been a pillar of support throughout their 17-year journey together.

The episode transitions to a reflective moment where Nathaniel reminisces on his revealing experiences in Afghanistan, connecting with the poignant cost of conflict. Venturing back to entrepreneurship, Nathaniel elucidates on collaborating with civic leaders in nurturing new asset classes and startup-friendly legislation.

S. A. Grant takes a moment to muse over his own path as a podcast host and entrepreneur, revealing his desire to uncover the secrets to IBM's early success. A thought-provoking discussion ensues, comparing the host's own entrepreneurial flair to that of industry titans like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, with mental health in leadership also touched upon.

Nathaniel offers seasoned advice to listeners about seizing unique opportunities, details Cortado Ventures' investment philosophy, and breaks down the crucial metrics for Fintech startups aspiring for Series A funding. He shares his go-to tech tools for managing his work efficiently and muses on historical figures he admires.

The episode concludes with Nathaniel describing his proudest achievements and aspirations, sharing how he instills his love for the outdoors in his children, and invites the audience to consider the diverse aspects of funding entrepreneurship.
### Show Notes:
**Hosted by**: S. A. Grant
**Special Guest**: Nathaniel Harding

**Key Takeaways:**
- Networking holds the key to elevating startups - a meeting can make all the difference.
- Nathaniel Harding’s profound learnings from his time in a war-torn country.
- The vital interplay of political support and legislation in cultivating a startup-friendly environment.
- Gratitude towards family – a crucial support system for entrepreneurs.
- Discussion on the unexpected successes and future visions of host S. A. Grant.
- Contemplation on leadership qualities and their connections to mental health.
- Cortado Ventures’ investment strategy and criteria explained by Nathaniel Harding.
- Strategic advice for startups looking to hit their Series A funding goals.
- An insight into venture capital from costs to coaching and the resources Cortado uses for success.
- Nathaniel's reflections on his journey from oil to venture capital and the pride of stepping into new territories.
- Special mentions: Recommended reading for entrepreneurs and venture capital insights.
**Notable Mention in This Episode:**
- Cortado Ventures and their investment focus in high-tech B2B companies.
- Mental health discussion in leadership.
- Inspiring historical figure: Ulysses S. Grant.
- Advice to Fintech founders for series A funding.
- List of efficiency-boosting software tools.
- Recognition from local government and the community.
- Find more information on Nathaniel Harding and Cortado Ventures on their official website and connect with them on social media.
- Book recommendations from Nathaniel for funding and capital raises.
- To learn more about the Boss Uncaged Podcast and to contact S. A. Grant, visit the show’s website.
Remember, seize the day and don't fear unique opportunities – they might just lead to your next big break!

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